Happy Accidents


First things first, there are a lot of cocktails, but don’t get overwhelmed… chat with your bartender. Tell us what you like and let’s work it out together. Take a gander below at just some of the stuff we do… oh yeah, we are a distillery and importer, the booze is ours. Enjoy!


Because of our service style, we do not separate checks by item/guest, checks are accumulated per table and payments can be split. We require a pre-authorization for all tabs and please note that a 25% gratuity will be added to all tabs left open at the end of the evening, we appreciate you keeping your visit limited to under two hours during busy times. 

"Get Happy" Stickers - $2.00

Alcohol Free Libations

We put just as much prep, care, and passion into our N/A beverages as we do our boozy cocktails. Drinks are the name of the game here, and we love them all. You won’t just get fruit muddled in lemonade and called a “mocktail”… you will get a drinks specifically designed for the same balance, mouthfeel and enjoyment as the rest of our creations. 


Placebo Effect  6

a non alcoholic clarified milk punch of apple, pear, hibiscus, lemongrass, salted caramel and soy milk whey

Chicha Morada  6

 house made purple corn, lemon, pineapple, cinnamon & clove soda


Hopped Grapefruit Soda  5

a house made grapefruit soda lightly dry hopped with citra hops - also available with a pick your poison option below

Banana Soda  6

Patrick's infamous ripe banana soda - also amiable with a pick your poison option below


Ginger Soda 5

 house pressed ginger soda


NA-Telia   6

our non-alcoholic “faux tequila” is made with apricot, pineapple, agave, peanuts, peppercorns, vanilla, parsley, jalapeño, ginger, bay leaves and mint and can be sipped solo or in a cocktail like the Devil’s Advocate with ginger beer and a fruit syrup $7


Not Gin  6

we also make a non-alcoholic version of gin with juniper, coriander, lemon, fennel, cinnamon, star anise, angelica and cardamom - try a alcohol free French 75 or southside $8 



we pride ourselves in our highballs, crisp and effervescent, try them solo ($8) or by the number with goodies muddled inside ($10) and say goodbye to the claw. Your choice of vodka soda, gin tonic, whiskey soda, or tequiliana soda & lime (ranch water) $11/$13


  1. lavender, star anise & chocolate bitters 

  2. orange & jalapeno 

  3. berries & cassis 

  4. pineapple & sage

  5. orange flower water & cardamom bitters

  6. grapefruit, clove & mint

  7. basil & cucumber 

  8. hibiscus syrup & candied hibiscus flower


The "other" GOODS


Pick Your Poison 13

Patrick's banana soda OR our house hopped grapefruit soda with your choice of spirit: vodka, manzanilla, gin, rum, whiskey or tequiliana


Bamboo  11

manzanilla sherry, dry vermouth, orange bitters, twist - a splendid alternative to a martini 


Mad About You   12

madeira, guava, lemon, tropical bitters


Lo Sagrado    12

oloroso sherry, pineapple, lemon, sparkling wine 


My Sherry Amour  11

manzanilla sherry, cassis, blackberries


Port & Tonic  10

a classic combination of ruby port and tonic, a great low ABV crusher 


The Beer Fairy  12

absinthe & root beer highball, made with our signature house absinthe and root beer and topped with a sweet cream float. 

(PSA: there is no “beer” in this cocktail)



Old fashioned


Happy Old Fashioned  12

ripe banana infused whiskey, chocolate bitters 

Whiskey Old Fashioned  13

your choice of whiskey, rye, or a split base of both, sugar, angostura bitters 


Gin Old Fashioned  12

barrel aged gin, elderflower cordial, orange bitters 


Rum Old Fashioned  12

rum, brown sugar, angostura and tropical bitters 


Soda Pop Old Fashioned  12

whiskey or rum, cola syrup, cardamom bitters 


Oaxacan Old Fashioned  13

tequiliana, espadin, agave, angostura and chocolate bitters




Spa Water   9

lemon vodka, cucumber, celery bitters, citric acid, soda water


Watermelon Frosé (All Day)  12

fresh watermelon, rose wine, vodka, served FROZEN and garnished with rosé compressed watermelon


Hashtag Basic  9

lemon husk infused vodka, citrus oleo saccaharum, lemon juice, ango sugar rim - its’ like the best dang lemon drop you ever had 

(ask for a Basic Bitch and get it toped with soda water in a pint glass a la Michelle)


Livin’ on a Pear  11

vodka, pear, manzanilla sherry, lemon, pear smoke


Porn Star Martini  12

vodka, passionfruit, lime, vanilla, served with a side of sparkling rosé


Crushable  10 

vodka, orange bitter liqueur, cucumber, mint, sparkling wine 

- think of it like a Happerol Spritz


Cherry Limeade  9

vodka, tart cherry, lime 


Accidentally Loopy  11

fruit loop cereal milk washed vodka, pineapple, lemon, coriander 

(clarified milk punch)


Espresso Martini  11

slow burn cold brew, our espresso liqueur, vodka, vanilla - pulled of the nitro draft line, topped with coconut crema




Hey, Love  11

gin, sparkling sake, lychee, coconut, electric dust - lick the dust, it makes your tongue tingle and changes your flavor perception 


French 75ish    9

gin, lemon, tangerine, sparkling wine 

Southside  9

gin, lemon, mint 


Liquid Intelligence #2  12

gin, liquid nitrogen muddled basil, lemon, sparkling wine 


 Cat’s Pajamas  9

gin, jasmine, honey, lemon, soda water - it’s like a Tom Collins and a Bee’s Knees got together and had some fun  


Bitter Courage   12

gin, bitter orange liqueur, lime, salt & pepper, served caipirinha style 


Ramos (Ray-mōs) Gin Fizz   13

gin, lemon, lime, cream, egg white, orange flower water, soda water


Clover Club  11

gin, dry vermouth, berries, lemon, egg white 


One in a Melon   11

gin, thai chile, cantaloupe, lemon, soda water 


Corpse Reviver #2  13

gin, cocchi americano, house dry curaçao, lemon, absinthe rinse


Saturn  12

gin, lemon, passionfruit, orgeat, falernum 


Dirty Talk  13

our house "dirty" martini - leek, garlic, rosemary, and olive infused gin with dry vermouth

Martini   12

gin, dry vermouth, orange bitters - try it 50/50


Negroni   13

gin, red bitter aperitif, sweet vermouth 




Rum ’n Kola   9

rum, kola syrup, lime oil - think Cuba Libre


Queen's Park Swizzle   12

 rum, lime, mint, ango & peychaud's bitters 


What’s good here?   11

rum, coconut, house ginger beer - our riff on a dark ’n stormy


Mojito   9

rum, mint, lime, sparkling water 


Blue Painkiller   12

rum, pineapple, orange, blue curaçao, Jim Romdall’s coconut cream, served FROZEN


Junglebird  11

pineapple rum, blackstrap rum, red bitter aperitif, pineapple, lime

Mai Tai  12

rum, house made orgeat and dry curaçao, lime, mint


One and Done  13

rum, PX sherry, Byrrh Quinquina, tart cherry

a boozy concoction of some stuff you might not know of, just go for it



our house whiskey is a seven year blend of 

80% corn, 11.5% rye, 8.5% malt


Whiskey Kola   9

 whiskey, hickory smoked kola, bitters, garnished with peanuts in the true southern tradition

Rattlesnake   13

rye whiskey, lemon, egg white, absinthe rinse

 Paperplane  12

whiskey, orange bitter liqueur, amaro, lemon 

An Apple A Day  11

whiskey, salted caramel, cold pressed apple, lemon 

Pandan-monium  12

whiskey, pandan (a green leaf used in Asian cuisine with flavors of almond, vanilla and butter popcorn), coconut, soda water


Boulevardier  13 

whiskey, red bitter aperitif, sweet vermouth

Happy Manhattan  13

whiskey, Pedro Jimenez sherry, cardamom bitters 

Sazarac  13

rye whiskey, peychaud's bitters, absinthe rinse, simple 




we import five types of agave spirits from Mexico… tequiliana $10, mezcal espadin $11, sotol $12, mezcal raicilla $14, and mezcal bacanora $16


Ranch Water  11

tequiliana, lime, soda water 


Little Dove  12

mezcal espadin, grapefruit, butterfly rossen (rose), soda water, salt air


El Diablo 13

sotol, cassis, lime, house ginger beer 


Jalapeño Biznass  13

jalapeño infused tequilana, orange, lime, canella, orange bitters, sal de gusano


Midnight Morada 14

espadin, pasubio amaro, dry vermouth, lemon, honey-jasmine, chicha morada


Boys to the Yard  14

mezcal espadin, cocoa puff cereal milk, coffee, orange, fennel 

(clarified milk punch)


Rosita  14

mezcal raicilla, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, bitter orange liqueur, angostura bitters

white Wine


Chenin Blanc/Viognier - Pine Ridge, CA.  11

Albariño - Tangent, Spain.  11

Manzanilla Sherry - Spain (not your grandma’s sherry, it’s so good)  12

Rosé - Stemmari, Italy 11


Red Wine

Pinot Noir  - Cartlidge & Browne, CA  12

Tempranillo - 10 year - Anciano, Spain  12

Monica di Sardegna - “Perdera” Argiolas, Italy  14



Cider - Aspall Dry, England  6

Denim Tux American Pilsner - Bow & Arrow Brewing Co., New Mexico   6

Scenic West Hazy IPA - Bow & Arrow Brewing Co., New Mexico 6

(the only Native and Woman owned brewery in the country)


Brut Cava - Conquilla, Spain   10

Brut Rosé Cava - Gran Sarao, Spain  10



Pimento Cheese 12

A southern classic cheese dip of sharp cheddar cheese, cream cheese, mayo, three hot sauces, pimento peppers and spices, served with crackers 


Chicken Liver Mousse  13

spiced chicken liver mousse, house made citrus marmalade, sourdough toast 

Calabacitas Aranchinis 12

the New Mexican staple,  fried up in a ball of Spanish rice 

zucchini, squash, onion, tomato, garlic and corn wrapped , served with collard pesto


Gumbo Wontons  14

Chef Adrienne's grandfather's gumbo recipe, wrapped in a little package

Deep fried and served with a side of the gumbo broth for dipping.

Fried Okra  12

chorizo style ground pork stuffed fried okra with a creamy sweet chili dipping sauce 

Fried Mushrooms  13

locally grown oyster mushrooms from Matt's Mushroom Farm lightly battered and fried served with a jalapeño crema

Roasted Bone Marrow  20

roasted bone marrow, radish purée, cool ranch dorito dust - don't forget to save the bone and order a shot for a luge run! (allium allergy)


Green Chile Poutine  12

green chili gravy, bacon, ground pork, white cheese curds, poured over french fries 

Papaya & Avocado Salad  16

mixed greens tossed with papaya seed vinaigrette, papaya, avocado, watermelon radish, mint, hazelnuts, banana peel "bacon"  (vegan)

Warm Brussel Sprout Salad  15

 sautéed brussels, pickled shrimp, fennel, purple onion, cotija cheese, corn, fried carrots, Caesar dressing  (vegetarian without pickled shrimp, vegan option available)


Spinach ‘N Artichoke Grilled Cheese 14

It’s like spin art dip and a grilled cheese had a baby

spinach, charred artichokes, goat cheese, pecorino, white cheddar, served on sourdough served with fries or greens

O.F.T.D Burger  18

ground angus beef patty, fried chicken skin, pimento cheese, grilled pickled okra, onions, tomato jam, mayo and mustard - served with  fries or green


Mick Rhib 17

plum and bourbon BBQ beef short rib ciabatta sandwich with a cucumber slaw, served with fries or greens 


Carrot Dog 16

miso and mushroom braised carrot, grilled and served between buns with collard green kimchi, vegan cucumber mayo, grilled pineapple, and banana peel "bacon", served with fries or greens (vegetarian, vegan without bun)

Steak Frites  19

hanger steak cooked to order topped with chimichurri, served with fries


Grilled Chicken  22

grilled chicken breast, black garlic beurre blanc, sautéed oyster mushrooms, wild rice



Clafoutis a la Patrick 7

a baked French dessert of black cherries, arranged in a buttered dish and covered with a thick flan-like batter dusted with powdered sugar

Boozy Creme Brûlée 8

whiskey soaked banana creme brûlée